Ribeiros & Matos - Transformação de Pedra, Lda


Since 1966 transforming stone...

Ribeiros, Lda is highly committed to the trading and transformation of natural stone, limestone, marble and both national and international granite.

Being always aware of the market evolution and its trends, we keep on offering the most diversified variety of products, such as slabs or tiles using various types of finishes, sizes and thicknesses. We also present unique and exclusive pieces, ready to use in a construction project, as well as several decorative products using natural stone.

Because we feel proud of working stone for almost half a century, we are aware of our responsability - that is offering a natural product, looking at the future in a sustainable way, respecting the environment in order that the coming generations can keep on enjoying the nature wonders of our land.

We are extremely dedicated to our work, so that our customers can always rely on our professionalism and on the extreme quality of our products. Along with our vast experience, we are always trying to improve to guarantee full satisfaction.